Community Members Gather to Shape a Vision for the Northeast Area and Voting Results Are In!


Community Members Gather to Shape a Vision for the Northeast Area and Voting Results Are In!

Over 125 people attended the Community Meeting 2 afternoon and evening sessions on Tuesday, December 5, 2017. A big thanks to Neff Packaging and Grant Elementary School for hosting the meetings. At both sessions, Northeast Area residents and stakeholders shared their visions for different place types in the community and voted for their favorite TLC Early Action Project from a list of 10 final project concepts. The final projects were generated from over 120 ideas submitted at Community Meeting 1 in October based on popularity, diversity and feasibility.

And the results are in! These 3 Early Action Project ideas received the most votes totaled across the afternoon and evening sessions:

#1 – Further explore the cooperative community-owned grocery model, and invite experts to the community to teach us how it’s done (31 votes)

#2 – Work with YouthBuild on rehab of homes on a “model block” identified by community (17 votes)

#3 – Develop program for health services at Quindaro Community Center clinic space, and identify willing service providers (15 votes)

These 3 TLC Early Action Projects, which will get the ball rolling on larger initiatives and strategies, will be refined and developed moving forward. If you’re interested in volunteering to help organize or implement an Early Action Project, please let us know using the Contact page.

If you weren’t able to attend Community Meeting 2, you can view the Community Meeting 2 Presentation and send us your comments using the Contact page. Community Meeting 3 will be held in early 2018, with date and times to be determined. Be sure to sign up to receive email updates if you haven’t already!

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